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Fury as AirAsia families shown live footage of floating bodies being recovered from missing plane

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/fury-as-airasia-families-shown-live-footage-of-floating-bodies-being-recovered-from-missing-plane-9949573.html

Media stations have been criticised for showing split-screen footage of distraught families as they were watched live footage of bodies from missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 being recovered from the water.
TV One, an Indonesian news channel, screened images from rescue crews as they encountered the debris and bodies found earlier today in the Java Sea, off the coast on Borneo, on a split screen interposed with live reaction from the families of passengers.
In Surabaya airport where the passengers' family were gathered in a 'crisis centre', six giant flat screen TVs were reported to have played the footage immediately emerging from the scene of discovery.
Similar footage was later picked up by other channels and broadcast around Indonesia and South-east Asia.
ChannelAsia later tweeted an apology to its users after “inadvertently” airing similar footage showing the debris and what appeared to be bodies to its viewers.
Social media users reacted angrily to the actions of the media stations, with many scarcely able to believe what they were seeing.

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