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Outrages Upon Armenians

The New York Times, October 16, 1890

VIENNA, Oct, 15. — A dispatch from Constantinople states that arrests of Armenians are still being made, and that many of those who have been taken into custody have been shockingly maltreated and tortured. Among other cruelties to which the prisoners have been subjected is the withholding from them of all food. They have also been deprived of sleep. Persons suspected of disloyalty are arrested upon information being lodged against them by any spy.

The Armenian recently arrested for attempting to murder an archpriest in the Koom Kapou quarter of Constantinople was to-day found dead in his cell, it is alleged that his death was the direct result of the tortures inflicted upon him. The officials at Van, Armenia, are still arming the Turks, and outrages upon the Armenians there are of frequent occurrence.
Armenians Twilight of The Ottoman Era
News Reports From The International Press, Volume I, THE NEW YORK TIMES 189O-1914 Published By Genocide Documentation & Research Center, 2O11

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