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Rebuilding a life in Armenia after fleeing Syrian conflict

For many Syrian Armenians who fled to Armenia, the desire to maintain some semblance of their previous social status determined the areas of the country where they live. Wealthier families rented nice homes in the center of Yeravan, the country’s capital. But their savings soon disappeared because of the lack of available steady jobs. In response, the Armenian government proposed building a luxury housing complex called “New Aleppo,” along with several other new housing quarters across the region. But the proposal soon came under fire, with complaints that the housing complex was geared towards the rich rather than being accessible for everyone. From May 2014, when this series was photographed, until now, the land where this proposed new housing was to be built has still seen no new development. Sheep roam freely in an open field around a skeletal structure of what will presumably be the new community.

The Washington Post

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